How to Make a Southpark Character

To make a South Park Character you would to do this in Adobe Illustrator. The reason you want to use Illustrator is because you can use the different shapes. You can use the pen tool to trace the original picture the way you would like your south park to look. For example, the way you want your eyes to look, you will use the ellipse tool and for the hair,  you will use the pen tool. I will be showing you step by step how to create the South Park character as myself.

The first step is to make the template for the south park. You go to file and select new.


Then you put the height and width which the height is 1000 and the width is same so it also will be 1000. After you put the height and width go to more setting.  Make sure it is in RGB Mode. You only need one artboard so go ahead and press create.




Go and pick the image that you want to trace to make your Southpark.


First thing is to make a new layer to make the head.  Go to your toolbar and press the shape area to go to ellipse tool.Then you hold the mouse to make your circle.  Then use the circle on the original picture to get the same size of the face and make sure it snaps.



Then make a new layer for that face to make sure there is no stroke on the circle. The width of the face is 457.128 and the height is 441.615. screen-shot-2017-03-02-at-10-53-10-pm

To do the neck get a new layer for it and use the rectangle tool to create the neck. Make sure it is behind the circle. Put the circle and the rectangle close together. The height of the neck is 399.5 and the width is 89.98




Do a new layer For the eyes. You would need to use two circles. One white and the other black. Just do only one eye because you can copy and paste the other eye. Select both circles.  (The height of the white piece o f the eye is 145.633  and the width of the eye 120.3820)  To copy the eye, go to edit then paste.Then go to object, then transform and press the arrow, then reflect. Make sure it is 90 degrees. Then select ok. The eyes should be close together. To be able to stretch the eye you must use your mouse to select the cursors. The eye doesn’t need a stroke unless you are doing glasses. screen-shot-2017-03-04-at-8-10-13-pm



To do the new layer for the hair you have to use the original picture to trace the hair.  To create the hair you must use the original picture to trace the outline of the hair using the pen tool.


Screen Shot 2017-03-05 at 1.29.33 AM.png



To do the eyelashes you should use the pen tool.Screen Shot 2017-03-04 at 10.04.34 PM.pngscreen-shot-2017-03-04-at-8-57-55-pm
After doing one eyelash you would then copy and pace the other eyelashes. To be able to copy the lashes hold shift and both of the lashes. Use the selection tool to hold the eyelashes.  Make sure that the eyelashes or line up.





To do the arms and hands and thumb the first thing you should do is to get a  new layer for each arm and hands and thumb. For the hands,  arms, and thumbs you just need one rectangle and two circles. To do the arm you go to the shapes section and press the rectangle tool. After you do that go back to the shape tool and press ellipse.





After you do the shape group the arm, hand, and thumb.






After completing the arms, hands, and thumb, group everything together. Then copy and paste it go to object, select transform and then press reflect. Make sure it is 90 degrees. Then press ok. After you copy and paste it And reflect the object. Note that the thumb has a stroke. The number I put on the stroke is 2.5. The height of the thumb is 29.453 and the width is 26.352. The height of the arm is 151.914 and the width is 93.967. To get the stroke for the thumb Click Here.






Screen Shot 2017-03-05 at 12.14.49 AM.png

That is how you do the hands but t make sure that the hands are behind. Also,  make sure that the layer of the shirt is on the back. You can personalize the shirt so I decide to make the shirt purple. The height of the shirt is 188.397 and the width is 402.201.



For the pants,  do a new layer. I use the rectangle tool.  The color of the pants is blue.


To do the shoe, do a new layer. To be able to make the circle flat select the circle then use the arrows to make the circle flat. The height of the shoe is 31.833 and the width is 167.415   Then copy and paste.


Screen Shot 2017-03-05 at 1.57.36 AM.png

I really enjoy doing the south park character because I created a character that looks like myself.  Try your best have it in your style. Just picture how you would actually look. It was fun for me doing the south park. I hope you enjoy doing it also.


To do the different shapes Click here.

This is my final product of my south park. I hope you like my south park.


This is me!!


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