The way I study for the ACA Test.

In this week Article, I will be talking about what is ACA, and how and  I  prepared for The ACA Testing. I will be talking about ACE  and make a couple of suggestion to the future designer.

What is Adobe Certified Associate?

Before I  tell you how I study for my Adobe Certified Associate (ACA). The first thing I want to talk about is what is  ACA. ACA test is a test that certified you for all of the Adobe Software. The test will give you the different types of scenario or something to do physically. The test is made up of different areas. There are Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Premiere, Dreamweaver, and Animate.  The test is basically for the student. The teacher can also use the test to educate us, the students. You can take the test unlimited number of times until you passed it.  Once You passed the test, you will get licensed for the program. There is no charge for taking the test if you are in school. The license you receive by passing the test will let employers know that you really know your work.

I have been studying hard for this test hoping that I would pass it. Unfortunately, I failed it twice. My plan is to study harder and continue taking this test until I pass it.

This test is not an easy test and it really makes me nervous taking it. I hope after taking it and failing it twice I will be much more prepared and less nervous the third time.


ACA will Help You get a job.

When you give your resume to any company they will you have past photoshop. They will feel impressed they stay. They will hire. you more than the person that more experience without certification.ACA will help you for your resume and help you in the future for jobs and more opportunity. The job will see that you are able to do the job. They will you give you one of the important projects.  So I would suggest that you work hard to pass the test.

Suggestion For the ACA Test.

The suggestion I would make to take the Adobe Certification Association is to not to waste too much time on one question because you will run out of time and won’t be able to complete the test.  So I would suggest you stay  60 seconds on each question so that you will stand a better chance passing it.  The other suggestion I would make about taking the test, to make sure you select the right buttons because if you are not careful your answer can be considered incorrect. If by chance you select the wrong button it is best for you to press the reset button. Clicking the reset button will give you a chance to do it over. Also, if you press multiple buttons your question will be considered wrong.

 The way I study for the ACA testing?

To understand how to pass the test you have to do a  lot of studying.  You can study by watching study videos. The videos also come with books so you can follow from the book. The videos show you where all the tools are located and what the screen looks. For  Sometimes it can be confusing but you can take your time. Just go step by step. The website I went is ACA prep. Go and  Click HERE.

The exam is giving on the computer. It is not an open book exam which makes it even more difficult. It is timed so you have to be aware of time spent on each question. Your teacher is not a proctor so you are monitored by an outside person. Not that any of this bothers me because I have no plan in cheating on this exam. When I pass this test I want be feel confident that I did it honestly.  I want my hard work to pay off. I know I will pass this test one day, no matter how long. So I am prepared to study harder each time. I know that my speed is not as fast as others and that may be a little frustrating, but I will not let this prevent me from achieving this goal.

Another way I studied for my test is, by taking a practice test. It looks like the original test. It really helps. They also have training so if you get it wrong they will give you the answer and step by step on how you would answer the question. When I do the practice I feel more comfortable.

As I have mentioned, I have not passed my test yet but I am determined to pass it. My goal is to work really hard so that I will be prepared to pass this exam.  I know that passing this exam and get certified will help me get t a good job.


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