All About Website Wireframing

Why do we wireframe?

A wireframe is defined as  a low-fidelity visual representation of a  website’s layout design, sometimes referred to as a skeleton, outline or blueprint.  Most often, a wireframe represents the basic page layout structure and navigational scheme of the site’s pages and most important components of the sites. Wireframe is done because it saves time. It takes a lot more time, effort and expertise to create a web page design than a wireframe. When the first thing clients see is a finished design, they are seeing something that has taken considerable time to produce and will involve considerable expense to revise.

From a cost standpoint, design changes are just about un-avoidable. The cost will always be there. Design changes are expensive and in most web design multiple changes are needed to create the outcome your client would like to see. Using wireframes  however makes design changes easier to please the client and can be reworked in only a short time. For example if you do not like the size of the header, whether it is too small or too large it gives you so many easy option to make these changes in minutes.

Changes like the ones above, when made to full-blown, high-fidelity designs, can run up thousands of dollars of expense and can also be time consuming. Knowing the impact in time and cost to making design changes, clients and web development team members become almost reluctant to voice concerns for fear of the time and cost involved in addressing design issues.

The point to remember: Wireframing makes it quick and inexpensive to tweak or even overhaul a design at exactly the time when you want to be doing major changes and fine-tuning.

Wireframes allow people to give the new site a test run: to see how easy or difficult it is to locate key pages; to determine whether dropdown menus clarify or confuse the user; to find out whether breadcrumbs are useful or distracting; to understand whether the overall navigational scheme is easy to understand, difficult to understand  or somewhere in between.

If  site navigational issues come about after designs are completed it is far too gone and would by then takes a lot of time and money to correct something that could have been prevented. Some changes to navigation can run the gamut, but many of them are almost too  expensive to correct. And  this is one reason i believe why so many websites  even large and sophisticated ones that display wonderfully creative content design  still  leave users not satisfied. The websites even though they may seem very attractive the quality in deliverance is poor in quality which leaves the user with a poor experience.

Wireframes are a visual way to evaluate a new website and pictures says a lot. Wireframes will give clients an idea of how the end project will look.  Most people are visual and pictures and maps will give them easier views and understanding of what you are trying to explain. Not using wireframe causes many a web development project to fall short of client expectations.  It gives clients a clear understanding of what is going to be developed, and wireframes, allow you to show clients  what the site will look like, and to feel the navigation and to read the content in context.

When clients are confronted with a wireframe, their reaction ranges from shock to total satisfaction and that makes satisfied clients. It puts far less strain on the relationship between you and your clients and to address issues in this early phase of the project than later on or even worse to complete a site that is inferior. To get more information about the wireframe Click Here

Do I think That wireframe helps?

Yes, I think wireframe helps.   It gives me an idea where the context or the image go. For example, it gives your client an idea of how their product will look when it is completed.  It also makes it easier to make changes, whether it the size of the fonts, or the header. It also corrects the project in its earlier state than at the end when it is too far gone.  you’re  So yes, wireframe really helps.

5 Suggest For free Wireframe

  1. SimpleDiagrams
  2. Good Mocking Bird
  3. Lovely Chart
  4. Cacoo
  5. Google

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