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Introducing Sound Director

A sound designer is typically someone who is self-employed and works on short term contracts for a number of different venues over a period of a year. Sound Director or also known as a sound designer has  more functionality and more power than any audio presentation software.

 Sound Director provides the most useable and flexible event presentation software in the industry. From professional teams to non-profits, educational institutions, and corporations,  and it’s easy to use.  No unnecessary bells & whistles. No hard to understand interfaces — just a great tool that will provide years of service at every game or event and most importantly — helps keep your fans entertained.

The new features and enhancements in Sound Director allow you to work even more efficiently than ever, and provide the flexibility you need to customize Sound Director for your specific needs.

New, more efficient, wide-screen interface
New, more efficient, wide-screen interface with higher resolution monitors,  becoming the norm. Even in laptops, we have created Sound Director to support those higher resolutions. This simply means that you can actually have many more buttons on each screen than ever before. On a wide screen laptop running 1920×1200 screen resolution, you could have almost 250 buttons on each screen.

Another groundbreaking addition to Sound Director is the advent of Tabs. They are placed on three areas of Sound Director. First, they are added to the media palette above each screen. This allows the user to have quick access to those screens that they want access to more often. Second, we’ve added them above the media players which allows one to drag multiple selections to each tab and literally script out the entire game presentation. The third area that tabs are added is towards the bottom of the interface. Each tab there can contain as many screens as you want.
Having multiple tabs provides more visibility and game day efficiency, allowing the user to quickly navigate as well as have many selections available for game situations.
Sound Director keeps one of the most favorite and most useful features in Intelliclips providing multiple selections on one button — But again Sound Director makes it even better. We’ve incorporated a sequencer in the intelliclip which provides a full range of flexibility as to when a selection starts or fades out.  You can automatically select a number of seconds you want each song to overlap and even fade out.

Clip Editor with Audition Mode
One of the most useful features you will find in Sound Director is the clip editor. Set starting and ending points to a hundredth of a second for any song. Set points for looping cool mixes. But it gets even better. You can now be playing something live out through your PA system while monitoring a completely different selection.  Our built-in audio editor gives you a ton of flexibility including a full set of editing tools – Compressor, Expander Delay, Flang, Time/Pitch, Filters, Amplify, Fade in & out, etc.Sound Director is now able to sort each screen’s media buttons not only by Title but we’ve also added that same sorting ability to both Artist and Album categories. More adaptive, more flexible, and just plain more user-friendly. To get more information Click Here.  

Videographer- Editor- Graphic Designer(

Job Number:




We are looking for a passionate Videographer, Editor and Graphic Designer who is great capturing and telling stories through video and graphic design.  A major talent we must find the perfect candidate will include having the skillset to go through the footage and pull out the right clips to tell our brand’s story. This individual will develop videos and graphic design work for the ADT brand. The right candidate will report directly and work alongside the Director of Creative Services.
Our perfect candidate must:
  • Hands-on coordination of all facets of video production – planning, preproduction, production, and postproduction
  • Stellar cinematography and/or editing skills
  • Record, edit, produce and develop unique video content specific to project direction
  • Advanced skills and knowledge of audio/video recording and post production techniques
  • Experience in editing and creating video and graphics from scratch
  • Efficiently work under pressures, deadlines, and stretch extra hours to complete assigned task
  • Ability to oversee that the quality of the end product meets company expectations
  • Coordinates manages and ensures timely delivery of all video requests
  • Ensures videos are of the highest quality and maintains consistency of brand and market leading status
  • Very high knowledge and capabilities in video and graphic editing software and implementing video templates.
  • Demonstrates ability to communicate effectively orally and in writing with all levels of company personnel
  • Ability to conceptualize ideas and develop plan of execution
  • Must be able to work independently and exercise own judgment in absence of supervisor
  • Highly organized, detail oriented, self-starter, proactive, energetic, highly motivated


  • Formal degree in cinematography or video/ film production/ graphic design. Significant demonstrated professional experience without a degree may be considered.
  • Demo or real Portfolio of work is required for video and graphic design.
  • Over 3 years of video editing and video production is required.
  • Over 2 years of experience in graphic design.
  • Advanced knowledge in the following applications or equivalent to Adobe CS6, Final Cut Pro X + Motion 5 or Adobe Premiere + After Effects
  • Ability to adjust artistic vision based on the needs of the client/ and or project goals.
  • Experience in managing and coordinating projects
  • Experience in editing and creating video and graphics from scratch
  • Should exhibit great creativity and resourcefulness.
  • Interest and/or experience with Internet Marketing
  • Highly motivated and willing to work closely in a fast-paced, collaborative and dynamic environment.
  • Willing to travel for video production purposes; estimated requirement: 10-20%
  • Must have excellent written communications skills to ensure accurate, grammatically correct public-facing internal and external communications. 
  • Must be able to work independently and handle multiple projects at once.
  • Ability to work as part of a creative and results-oriented team.
  • Exceptional communication skills, ability to communicate comfortably with management.
  • Very high knowledge and capabilities in video and graphic editing software and implementing video templates.
  • Advanced knowledge in the following applications or equivalent to Adobe CS6, Final Cut Pro X + Motion 5 or Adobe Premiere + After Effects
  • PC literate with knowledge and advanced proficiency in Microsoft Office applications, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook.
  • Reliable work habits; willingness to accept feedback and communicate with manager; must be self-starting and be able to use time efficiently and effectively

Working knowledge of social networking sites such as Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter as well as blogging software such as Word Press and other.


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